Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Want to open the Xbox up to the cloud? Microsoft’s updated Chromium Edge browser now runs Stadia & Discord.

During Microsoft’s testing of the recently revamped web browser, Microsoft Edge, users began speculating that the now Chromium based browser would support browser based services, including Google Stadia & discord.

Tom Warren of The Verge recently tweeted that whilst still buggy in operation, users with access to the updated Edge browser on the Xbox Series X could now access both Stadia and discord. He also posted two short videos demoing these in operation.

It is worth noting that currently, Discord won’t allow access to players microphones yet. Kind of a deal-breaker for a communications platform. However, everything else seems to work as expected. This includes joining calls and text chat.

Whilst the benefits of this may not seem relevent at first, there are a number of reasons players may find a usecase, First of all, if you don’t have access to a Chromecast or it’s in use already, you can simply load up your Xbox and have access to your entire Xbox library, including Game Pass, and Stadia library from the same place.

A key benefit for some is the ability to now use the Xbox controller wirelessly to play games on the TV, rather than having to use the Stadia controller for wireless session on the TV.

We’re still awaiting confirmation of when the Edge updates will be rolled out to the general public as well as the Series S. If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, or are already a part of the Alpha Skip Ahead testing program.

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