Cloudy with a Chance of Games

So it took me a while to even think of a title for what I am about to write which was hard in itself and having dyslexia also brings its own issues when writing or expressing yourself the way you want to people. I thought I would tell you about me, my history, and the reason why I feel Stadia is the future of gaming and why it’s great for me being 36, having a 6-year-old daughter and a busy life to fit gaming into.

So as you know I go by the name Wolock on gaming and Twitter it came about as a child I would watch Star Trek and imagine myself as a character in that universe having adventures running my ship as a Vulcan/Human half breed just like Spock, Its a franchise I have lived all my life and will continue to do so till the day I die. I was born 7th September 1984 Premature (some say this causes Dyslexia) with a few things wrong with me one of which was no tube that goes to your stomach which was replaced and I have the scars to show it too, I grew up in a small town in the West Midlands here in the UK. Now growing up in the ’90s was fun, We did not have mobiles or the internet back in the day, You would play out with your mates go round there house and play on there consoles have a blast and borrow each other’s games. One of my earliest memories was going to my uncle’s house and him showing me this amazing machine with a joystick I forget what game it was but I remember thinking wow I would love one of these it was a Commodore 64 this would star my life in gaming and through the 90’s I had some amazing consoles the best for me was my beloved SEGA Megadrive II, I would save my pocket money and on a Saturday go to the market to this amazing games stall spend agents looking at the games before choosing one to take home I would get it back so excited like it was Christmas and play the hell out of the game over and over and over before repeating again the next week I loved these days.

Then the millennium came and I dropped off gaming I was 17 and working and getting drunk on a Friday night wasting your weekly wages was all I did amongst other things which I will not mention some fun and some not it was an interesting time, I dabbled in gaming every now and then on the PC or my brothers Playstatin but not really getting into it and for the next 18/19 years I played here and there either on the XBOX, Playstation, PC, iPhone, and others but not really spending much time at all in gaming just working and partying and in that time I meet my Wonderful wife (of which we have been together this year for 15 years), got married in 2017 and moved in together in 2011 and had our beautiful daughter in 2013 you know life stuff.

So this brings us to March 2019 and the announcement of Google Stadia I had wanted to get back into gaming but did not want to spend a fortune on getting a console building my library then for them to decommission it for a new one to start again that just did not appeal to me also really did not have the space, and with enjoying more and more stuff on the web and streaming the announcement of Google Stadia was it for me a perfect option for my life I would get to game some great games and I would be able to hop in and out and it would be fast to load, this for me was a winner in my busy busy life the answer to my gaming dreams so I decided to see who was out there discussing this great new future at the time there was only two StadiaCast & The Glory of Stadia (and to this day they are still here and i’m rocking with them and for this they hold a special place in my heart) since then there is so so many others now and it’s a wide array of great content and I try to keep up with as many as I can. Since the begging of my Stadia journey I have found a new place to be myself I am very active on Twitter in the community and I love this part, I active in the chats of YouTube videos and I’m always in the chat of the TGOS podcast every Saturday Night I tried to do my own YouTube channel at one point and yeah it was nice but I found it just was not me I love being in the chat and engaging on twitter so I decided this was my avenue in the community. I have noticed there is a lot of bashing on Stadia out there and hell I get bashed too for supporting it but I find this is people I would call dinosaurs or flat earthers they just do not want it to change a bit like old people who say “I don’t have a mobile I prefer the landline technology scares me” or something along those lines, But like most things in life and as some companies have found if you don’t embrace change you go the way of the dinosaur extinct.

For the future, I feel Stadia is that future in an ever-growing fast-moving world it’s the perfect gaming companion you can play anywhere at any time even for a few minutes its space-saving and you will not need to buy a new console every few years and it updates itself sounds like heaven right…….Well it is ready and people will embrace it like all technology overtime people will eventually get there and I will be there too, there is something very satisfying being in something from the beginning and being a Founder of that service, at the time of writing this I have 50 games if I had that in physical form I would not be able to store it let alone play them and that’s one of the things I love about it.

So there you have it a bit of information about me, My gaming history and my thoughts on Stadia and the future, thank you so much for reading this if you get to this point I am eternally grateful that you have taken the time to read this hope to see you on twitter some time I’ll be there and of course on Stadia.

Thanks once again until next time LLAP Stadia Family.



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