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Crowd Play is a feature within Stadia that allows more interaction between streamers and their audience.  With Crowd Play people watching the Streamer can be added into a queue in order to play with the Streamer in a multiplayer game.  Not all games will have this feature as it needs to be added to the game.

From the Stadia post about Crowd Play

The YouTube creator has control over who they play with, so at any point, they can choose to remove someone from the game, mute them from text and voice chat, or block them completely, which prevents them from joining the queue in the future. Stadia will let the game know about any kick requests, which the game should handle by removing the kicked player in a timely manner from the multiplayer game. Of course, only the host of the Crowd Play session should have the ability to start games and kick players.

The suggested games for Crowd Play

Some possibilities for Crowd Play
Because of the one-to-many nature of Crowd Play, where a streamer could have many viewers who are interested in playing with them, Crowd Play works best with games that:

  • Are quick to join
  • Encourage multiple short matches
  • Can pull in many players at once
  • Are not in a highly competitive mode
  • Are fun to watch
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