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Valkryia Chronicles 4

Valkryia Chronicles 4 is now available on the Stadia store for $49.99 or £39.99, the latest game to launch on Stadia as 2020 draws to a close.

Developed by Sega and Media.Vision and published by Sega in 2018, Valkryia Chronicles 4 is a popular JRPG title in the award-winning Valkryia Chronicles series.

“In the year 1935 EC, the continent of Europa is split between the Federation and the Empire. As the Imperial army dominates the Eastern Theater, the Federate forces launch Operation Northern Cross, a last-ditch effort to tip the scales. The commander of Squad E will test his will against the bonds of his allies, the weight of their trust, and the sacrifices they all must make. This is a tale of a bittersweet adolescence: the failures and triumphs of young hearts struggling to find themselves amidst the chaos of the battlefield.”

A great addition to an ever-expanding line up!

By Ben Watson

I'm a writer/reviewer for Cloudy and have been playing video games for most of my life! I started on the Nintendo 64 and haven't stopped since.

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