Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Stadia announced 6 new Pro Games to claim on September 1st. The games are Hitman, Hello Neighbor, Gunsport, Metro: Last Light, Embr, and Super Bomberman R Online. This adds to the growing library of games available to claim each month. This also means that some games have to leave Pro. You will have until August 31st to claim them before they’re gone. YOu will then have to purchase these games if you want to play them.

Let’s take a look at what the games are.

First up is GRID. This game has been available to claim on Stadia Pro since February of this year. GRID has been on Pro for the longest of any other game. It is a fantastic racing game, and features a 40-Car race, and also there is a racing league on discord that you can join. Also, you can watch the weekly 40-car race and join in. Make sure you claim it.

Up next is Get Packed

Get Packed launched in May, and became a Pro Game in June. Get Packed is a zany game where your goal is to pack as many items in a truck as you can in order to earn money. It’s a fun game that can be a party game for a group of friends, and family. It has fun game play modes. It is also a couch co-op game where physics play a role in how you move items from the house. This game is a lot of fun, and is highly recommended.

Lastly we have Kona

Kona is a detective game that takes place in Canada. You search for clues, and find the pieces to solve the murder of the General Store owner. There are supernatural elements, and an array of mysteries, and puzzles to solve. Dust off your detective skills, and claim this game before it is gone.

Clarification: If you claim these games, they remain in your library as long as you’re subscribed to Stadia Pro. After the 31st, you can purchase them, and have access to them regardless of your Pro subscription status. They are yours to keep. So claim them now while they are free. 

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