Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Today Stadia have announced 3 titles coming to the platform. SuperHOT Mind Control Delete, Sniper Elite 4 and Strange Brigade. Superhot: Mind Control Delete was announced in a trailer many months ago so getting reconfirmation that this is coming is great. Sniper Elite 4 and Strange Brigade are both by Rebellion who brought Zombie Army 4 to the platform. Strange Brigade is coming out 1st August there is no news of when the other games are coming.

Time moves only when you move. Enemies pour in from every direction. You are in complete control as you shoot, slice, and explode your way through dozens and dozens of increasingly challenging combat encounters. The closer you get to the core, the more powerful you become.

The third game in the SUPERHOT franchise, MIND CONTROL DELETE gives you more insight into the world of SUPERHOT – more story and signature gameplay. Keep dancing the slow-motion ballet of destruction for longer than ever before.


Much bigger than its predecessors. MIND CONTROL DELETE immerses you in its world for days of increasingly explosive slow motion combat.

More mechanics at your disposal than ever before. Experiment with different play styles, different character builds, different ways to outsmart and dominate your enemies.

More power to accumulate as you progress through the game. Amass skills, hacks, and special techniques to conquer waves of ever more dangerous enemies.

More characters for you to control and for your enemies to throw at you. Test your arsenal of tricks and weapons against increasingly deadlier, smarter foes.

More polish applied over nearly four years of Early Access development. MIND CONTROL DELETE offers a more refined, sharper, flashier experience than any SUPERHOT so far.

Discover unrivalled sniping freedom in the largest and most advanced World War 2 shooter ever built. Experience tactical third-person combat, gameplay choice and epic longshots across gigantic levels as you liberate wartime Italy from the grip of Fascism.

Set in the aftermath of its award-winning predecessor, the BAFTA-nominated Sniper Elite 4 transports players across the beautiful Italian peninsula, from sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns, to ancient forests, mountain valleys and colossal fortresses. Covert agent and elite marksman Karl Fairburne must fight alongside the brave men and women of the Italian Resistance and defeat a terrifying new threat with the potential to halt the Allied fight back in Europe before it’s even begun.


Encounter hours of gripping gameplay in huge campaign levels with hundreds of enemies and vehicles to hunt.

Experience genre-defining rifle ballistics where snipers must take account of wind, gravity, and heart rate to land satisfying shots over hundreds of meters.

Adapt seamlessly to any combat situation with an impressive array of iconic World War 2 sniper rifles, pistols, submachine guns, heavy weapons, traps, grenades, and explosives.

Hone your combat effectiveness by upgrading skills and tweaking key weapon traits such as scope magnification, muzzle velocity and stability. Create and edit custom loadouts for any encounter.

Sniper Elite’s acclaimed X-ray Kill Camera returns with all-new visuals and features, now framing your most impressive melee attacks and explosive trap kills in bone-cracking detail.

Includes an expansive campaign for 1-2 players, dedicated co-op for 2-4 players, and gripping competitive multiplayer for up to 12 players.

Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once again, and only one troop of daring heroes can stand against her fearsome army of mummified monstrosities: The Strange Brigade!

Explore remarkable ruins, solve perilous puzzles, and uncover tantalising treasure while blasting your way through an array of undead enemies in thrilling third-person shooting action.


Hunt the foul Seteki through a rip-roaring campaign filled with dangerous dig sites, prodigious pyramids, and crumbling caves packed with bountiful foes to send back to the afterlife.

Explore alone or team up in 2-4 player online co-op for a gripping adventure!

Travel the ancient world as one of four dashing agents trained to tackle the supernatural.

Unleash devastating magical powers and unload powerful prototype weapons such as the fire-spitting Krakatoa, the ice cold Chill Burster, and the brain-busting Blunderbuss!

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By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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