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On the 14th July Stadia held a connect where they announced an array of games coming to the cloud gaming platform. One of those games was Outcasters, an Only on Stadia (this is what Stadia refers their exclusives as). Outcasters is being developed by Splash Damage making this a 3rd party game. It was announced to be coming this fall (Autumn for those of us overseas).

Let us start by giving you a brief introduction of Splash Damage and then we will get into the game.

Splash Damage

Splash Damage began with three friends coding in a bedroom, who had a passion for competitive online games, an energy they’ve have carried with them. Building a huge team of over 300 friends creating genre-leading AAA experiences in some of the world’s most beloved franchises, along with their own unique creations. You may recognize some of their games such as Batman: Arkham origins, Halo: MCC, Gears 5, Brink, Rad Soldiers, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and many more.


 Game Description:” Curve your shots and be the last player standing in this adorably frenetic, fast-paced eight player combat game that tests your speed and creativity. Outcasters is a chaotic multiplayer combat game for you and up to 8 players.Battle your way across arenas and curve your shots to creatively defeat your opponents. With customisable Outcasters and all sorts of power-ups it’s a chaotically fun multiplayer arena game that gives a hook-shot an all new meaning.”

In a recent interview with WCCFTECH conducted with Outcasters CEO, Product Lead and Stadia Games and Entertainments Executive producer we learned more about the game and how the idea came about.

The idea was to reimagine and innovate what a traditional shooter was, this is how they came up with the concept of the top down view and the curving mechanics of the shots.

There will be 2 game modes ‘Last Caster Standing’ and ‘Gold Rush’. Last Caster Standing will be a free for all where you fight to be the last alive in a shrinking arena much like a battle royale, while Gold Rush will be a team Objective mode where you collect coins and deposit them into a piggy bank. They have said that they will expand more on the game with the feedback from the players.

You will be able to pick an ability before going into the match which allows the player to determine how they want to take on the map and engage in combat. As well as choosing an ability, you will also be able to find pick ups. You will be able to  hold up to 3, these can also stack. We know a handful of abilities that affect your shots such as making you shots split, bounce around, power up and speed up

You will be able to unlock customisations, abilities and will be able to prestige as you progress and play through the game.

They have a feature which revolves around in game progression, they describe it as a “map pickup that people can take which adds a little bit more randomness to the game, which means every match and playthrough will turn out slightly different.

They summarise the game: “So let us summarize Outcasters with this unique curve shot at the heart of the game and the features we have built around it. We want to offer players a brand new, frantic multiplayer experience where they can enjoy it with this enhanced, light-hearted aesthetic, but still have enough challenge for the long term so they can continue to hone that skill. So, to sum up, kind of what cost is this. It’s a competitive, accessible, frantic and very customizable multiplayer game…”

Stadia Only Features

At the moment no Stadia only features have been announced however the official Twitter account has alluded to them just not being announced yet “We haven’t talked about Stadia specific features just yet!”.  Thank you ‘The Stadia Revolution’ for asking the important questions.

I think Crowd Play and Crowd Choice would be a great addition to this game. Having the ability to queue up for the next round against your favourite streamer or to have the people watching you choose what type of pick ups fall on the map or to even choose which arena your favourite streamer battles it out in.

Outcasters is due to launch this fall (Autumn). Fall begins in just over a month from now so we are expecting to hear more news in the coming weeks.

If you’re itching for some more info on Outcasters make sure to check back here for news or Raph Gaming.

By Raphel

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