Cloudy with a Chance of Games

To say that Stadia has had some ups, and downs would be a huge understatement. The ups seem to be huge, although short lived, and the downs seem to be either massive, or overblown, and tend to linger longer than they should. As I stated in my previous article, the month of September was going to be the best month ever for Stadia. I am happy to report that my prediction is getting off to a wonderful start. We are just past the first week, and a lot of things happened. So let’s take a look, and get into it.

Just look at the games that dropped in the first week.

The list includes Embr, Hello Neighbor, Marvel’s Avengers, Metro: Last Light Redux, Super Bomberman R Online, Hitman, Hitman 2, and Gunsport. That was just the first day! Then to end the week, NBA 2K21 was released.

This is a stellar lineup of games for all types of players.

My opinion is that this was huge for the platform, and a lot of people were made really happy by it. I know I was. I didn’t play Borderlands 3 during the Free Play Days that happened this past weekend, because I already own the game, but the fact that it was free for Pro subs to play is another great thing about having that subscription. This week showed how much value you have, because not only did you get free games, and to play a game without buying it. But you also got deals on games just hitting the store. 

I’ve played a few of the Pro games with Hitman, and Gunsport getting most of my time. Those games are just fun. Same goes for Bomberman. Also, there was additional content added to One Hand Clapping.

I am pleased with how this week is going, and it only gets better from here. Dead By Daylight is set to arrive soon, and with it we are getting Crowd Play, and Crowd for the first time. And to end the month we still have Baldur’s Gate III Early Access ($60), and many more announcements yet to come. 

If we’re keeping score, I would say the first week is a 10/10 when all things are factored in. 

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