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The Stadian Racing Community is a Discord server that was created in the beginning to form multiplayer sessions on Stadia. The lack of a messaging feature made this difficult to begin with but we were helped by social media to build a core group of dedicated racers. With over 300 members we can offer fair, clean & fun dedicated online racing events

I must give a special mention to a gamer by the name of “Nonbeliever” as he is the creator and owner of the server. For his own reasons he left the server to me to manage and we have continued to build in his absense. 

The server is very simple to use. When you join you will automatically be sent a welcome message. In this message is a link to our channel rules first and foremost. As expected it’s a long list of do’s and don’ts but pretty straightforward to follow. 

Next there is a link to our welcome channel where you are met with a selection of roles to choose from. Everyone can view all server channels but to interact with each individual game channel you need the role to match. You simply click the reaction which matches the game role you would like and voila you can now interact with said channels.

As you can see from the above graphic, each emoji reaction is tailored to the game. If you hover over with your cursor it gives you a short description for anyone who might struggle to see them. (we recommend using a browser rather than mobile for this)

You have a choice of; Grid, F1 2020, Moto GP, Trials Rising, Dirt 5 & The Crew 2.

The next link in the message takes you to our event calendar channel which lists all our upcoming events. Dates, times & the event host who is running each event.

We have a very good core group of helpful, friendly gamers on the server. Myself and Bassforce are admins. I have 2 great moderators in Scanline & Kray. Finally we have our team of event hosts: Myself, Scanline, BigDave & Redfox. All doing great work to provide competitive online racing within the Stadia community. 

What we get up to in the Stadian Racing Community

Tonight we have a one off event upcoming. Hosted by Redfox and named The Challenger Challenge. We will be hopping into some Grid action and tearing up a few circuits using the Dodge Challenger muscle car. No hot lap qualifying for this one. We are going reverse grid based on your in game stats. 

We have had a series of Grid championships hosted and ran on Wednesdays recently so we are very much looking to bring something fresh for our members soon.

We also have an F1 2020 Daily League ongoing. Running every night 21:00 GMT(except Sundays) hosted by Scanline. The format changes every season but currently we are using the multiplayer cars. First race is one shot qualifying followed by 25% race. Based on the result of the first race Scanline will then reverse the grid for a quick 5 lap sprint. Very similar format as they use in the official F2 Championship. Scanline personally tracks results and updates the standings everyday into a spreadsheet for us to keep track and have something to aim towards.

Between Friday and Saturday nights some of the guys get together to do some multiplayer on Trials Rising. This is a very fun game to jump in and out of like what we do. Multiplayer offers max 8 players in this game and we usually have at least 4 when the sessions are run. Friendly, laid back competition is the style with this one. No spreadsheets or results tracking. Just pure enjoyment, entertainment and good craic with fellow players on the chat.

Sunday is a really busy day for us right now. First of all I host the current F1 Championship at 19:30 GMT. We use the official F1 2020 cars for this championship. In the beginning we randomly drew racers and teams for a bit of fun. We managed to get a full 20 racers into the first couple rounds but life takes over for some of us so this fluctuates from week to week. Currently we have 3 rounds remaining and it is all to play for in the drivers championship and constructors.

Our format for this championship is simple. We do a 18 minute qualifying session followed by a 50% race. Usually I stream the championship races and provide a bit of commentary. Just for fun really and some of the guys like to watch it back afterwards or the next day. However, I was standing in for a missing racer the last couple weeks so no streams unfortunately but as soon as he returns I’ll be back at it.

Finally we have our Grid Global Masters Championship at 21:15 GMT on Sundays right now. We ticked off the first round last week. Everyone had the Mini but had maxi fun. Hosted by BigDave he has brought us a refreshing new event. 4 races each week and every week is a different car class. We had the unfortunate incident where we have had to turn down entries for this championship. Grid allows maximum 16 players into the private lobby we require to run the race type we do. The 40 player lobby is endurance only and it is impossible to track results fairly using this method. So with our continued growth we are very much open and hoping for the possibility of running a championship at some point with multiple divisions.

It’s not all serious with rules and spreadsheets all the time. Every now and again we blow off steam with some Crashday Events. Whether it be Grid or F1 2020 we form teams, choose our colours and throw the rule book out the window. Damage set to full and your aim is to be the last team standing while gaining as many points as necessary to get that win. Dive Bombing corners is fully permitted but make sure you don’t damage yourself too much in the process. Tagging the tail end of your rival and laughing as you drive past while they face the other direction is also permitted. All bets are off in these events and they are extremely fun to be a part of.

Challenges. Every now and then we will set up fastest lap challenges. We will select a car and track and the challenge will run for a week. The aim is simple. Hop on in your spare time and throw down your fastest time in the selected vehicle and track. Winner will be announced at the end of the week. It’s all in the name of fun.

As you can see we have a lot going on in the group. Participation is by no means mandatory. Flexibility is key to having the most enjoyment possible. Offering a range of options I believe is better than having none. 

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