Cloudy with a Chance of Games

What a week we have had. We welcomed 16 new members since last weeks article. A massive thank you to all who have joined us, we hope to see you all on track very soon. Lets get into this weeks round up.

F1 Daily League

Season 3 of the F1 Daily League came to an end this week. On the left you see our final top 3. Well done to everyone who took part. It wasn’t without last minute drama as Knabblenoot & Chaseacej both tied on the exact same points for 3rd place. We could only have one on the podium so they went ahead with a mini race to determine who got it and you can check it out here:

Season 4 will begin in the new year. January 4th to be precise. Hope to see you all on track again and possibly some new faces too.

Grid Wednesday Session

Last Wednesday the SRC ran a community play along on Grid. Thank you everyone who came, raced with us and filled up the chat on my YouTube Channel. We are certainly going to do more of these in the new year for sure.

This Wednesday see’s us switch it up a little bit. A mini event concocted by Redfox will have us battling it out in the Classic Volvo Touring Race. 15 of us are signed up and ready to go racing in these tanks.

Trials Rising Saturday Session

Saturday night saw us Trials Rising players join up in party chat and have a blast on the global multiplayer lobby. What a laugh we had in game and on chat. The laws of physics were questioned at times but what fun this game is.

Check out the action on Krays YouTube Channel:

F1 2020 Championship

As always Sunday was a busy day. The penultimate race of our F1 Championship took place and it is all to play for going into the final round. 4 points separate our top 3 in the drivers championship & our top 2 constructors are only 7 points apart.

You definitely want to tune in to our final round. If you missed last weeks race, check it out here:

Global Masters Championship

The Grid Global Masters Championship is nearing its end. Round 3 was completed last sunday and the final round is set to go off this sunday.

The turn out for this event has been great and I personally took a step back to let others join in. Grid’s limitation to 16 players has been a thorn in our side during this event. A good thorn to have however as it shows the growth the community has been seeing lately.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes on behalf of the SRC. We will be back after the festive period with new events, championships, challenges and the weekly round up.

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