Cloudy with a Chance of Games

We had yet another eventful week in the SRC. Since my first article last week we have welcomed 10 new member’s to the community.

I personally was overwhelmed and humbled by some of our community members on the 10th. Long story short I have struggled to maintain a job since the pandemic struck. Finding myself unemployed and making cutbacks I did not plan on buying Cyberpunk 2077. However. I awoke on the morning of the tenth to find a load of our community members put together a money pool and gifted it to me to buy the game. Not going to lie, I welled up and was close to tears. I can hardly put into words how I feel about this magnificent gesture. This sort of community spirit is what makes ours so special. Thank you all.

Challenger Challenge

Wednesday saw us run the Challenger Challenge event. We took to the circuits on Grid for a mini one off event. Planned and hosted by Redfox we had loads of fun tearing it up with the Dodge Challenger. Rear wheel drive and insane power saw us getting our cars every which way you can imagine. 14 of us took part and you can check out the final results below.

Trials Saturday Session

Every Saturday a few of our members get together for a laid back session on Trials Rising. The craic in chat is always on point during this session. The game itself is very fun. One of Stadia’s most underappreciated games in my opinion. The guys will no doubt be back next Saturday. Our very own Ilseum streamed the session directly to YouTube from Stadia with the new Direct Streaming feature. Check it out for yourselves.

SRC F1 Championship

Sunday evening saw us roll into Russia for round 10 of our F1 Championship. The usual suspects were at it again as Russia’s Sochi Autodromo proved difficult to conquer with every driver on the grid picking up penalties for exceeding track limits and for two, speeding under the virtual safety car. Next week we go to Japan for the penultimate race of the championship. Suzuka International is another difficult circuit and should bring us some very good racing action. If you would like to watch the action from Russia check out my livestream replay with commentary.

Current Leader Board Standings

Global Masters Championship

Sunday night saw us back in action on Grid. Created and hosted by Kray & BigDave we tore up some circuits using the Dumont Type 37. These trucks are insanely hard to handle and keep on the track most of the time. Everyone done a fantastic job and we had a pretty clean series of races all the way through. Next week we go with the Historic Ford GT 40. Another vehicle that will prove difficult to handle and give our members a good test of their skills on Grid. Once again thanks to Stadia’s direct streaming feature Kray put his session up for the world to see so please check it out as he is one of our most skilful racers. I also will add Kray is fantastic when it comes to editing pictures and videos. Some of the artwork you have saw and will see in future articles is all his doing.

Current event standings

Grid Community Play Along

Tomorrow(16/12/2020) the SRC is hosting a Grid Community Play Along. A 40 player endurance race with completely randomised tracks and vehicles. We would love it if you could come join us at 20:00 GMT. During the livestream I will take a short break to run a giveaway for our active SRC members. The winner will receive a Stadia Premiere Edition. Head over to my YouTube channel and set those reminders for some fun racing and laid back chat. Feel free to ask any and all questions in the chat and most importantly let’s have some fun gaming together.

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