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Thanks to reddit user zMattyPower ( we have our first look at how Youtube integration will work with Stadia. Please bare in mind you dont see these features just yet dont panic they seem to be rolling out slowly.

In settings you will have noticed a new option called ‘YouTube’, if you click on this option you will be able to link your YouTube account to your Stadia account. for now it seems you can only connect the YouTube account linked with the Gmail account you’ve used for Stadia.

Once your account is linked you will be able to unlink it at anytime. You will also be able to choose which Stadia features you’d like implemented in your livestream depending on what features the game you’re playing offers.

Once you have everything linked up you will have noticed that under you friends list there is a new button called ‘Live Stream’ at the moment we cannot test this feature out however we can see that once pressed it will give you two options ‘Use Streaming Software’ and ‘Stream Directly To Youtube’ now this option is greyed out and says ‘coming soon’ but does get us excited for what is to come.

Once the ‘Use Streaming Software’ button is clicked you will be taken to another screen that says ‘Live Stream Your Game On YouTube’ and give your the option to ‘Get Started’, however We wont be able to test this out until our first game ‘Dead By Daylight’ releases today with ‘Crowd Choice’.

With that said who’s excited to try out ‘Crowd Choice’ with their favourite streamers? Keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel as we will be showcasing this without a doubt!

AGAIN, Would like to give reddit user zMattyPower a huge shout again for sharing this with the masses and enabling us to bring the news to you! please check out his post on reddit (link below) and chuck them an UpVote!

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