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With Google Stadia coming out swinging this month, we’ve seen a surge of life throughout the community akin to the launch of the platform and even their first 6 months. Welcome to Stadia’s Super September.

Super Bomberman R Online title image.

My friend’s list hasn’t really dipped below 50 active players since 9 am yesterday (1st Septemeber) with everyone playing a myriad of games, including the obvious new (to Stadia) September Pro titles. Couple that with the surge of social media presence again, and it feels like the beast has woken again.

Has the voice of Stadia’s community finally been heard? Or have the effects of COVID-19 been more in-depth on their staff force than we realised?

Of course, this is all speculation with no official communication from the powers that be. But whatever it is, I hope it’s here to stay.

With this being my first article for Cloudy with a Chance of Games, it seems fitting that it’s focused on Stadia. This is the platform that got me into content creation in the first place. And I must admit, it’s nice to be home.

Having been leaning pretty hard on Google’s cloud-based platform for the last few weeks months, I am once again happy to be a part of the community again. I honestly felt like the whole they’d fall into was getting too deep for them to climb back out of.

Call me fickle, but the marketing behind Stadia’s Super September bundle was just the right move to bring some attention back to the platform again. They’ve even started engaging with players on social platforms again.

Offering players a way to experience the likes of IOI’s premium franchise, Hitman and a classic nostalgic blast from the past with a modern-day twist in Super Bomberman R Online, ensures that variety is present, but more importantly, that Stadia isn’t just an indie platform.

Official Stadia slide for IOI and Hitman 1, 2 & 3

The best part about Stadia’s Super September isn’t even what we have already. But what lies ahead for the rest of the month. We’ve still got the likes of WWE Battlegrounds, NBA 2K21 and of course, the official release of Marvel’s The Avenger’s.

Personally, the hype for September on Stadia has brought me back from the backlog of games I’ve been slashing my way through on both PlayStation and Steam, and it’s a welcomed feeling.

There’s only so much Warzone one can play, in between the barrage of constant updates or downloading new games. Staida has a special place in my gaming sphere, and I’m sorry I let it slip. But maybe it was needed to truely appreciate the bonuses it does offer.

How has the September boost made you feel about Stadia? What games are you most looking forward to playing this month? And lastly, what games would you most love to see announced before the close of this year?

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more news and information from their official Stadia blog by clicking here.

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