Cloudy with a Chance of Games

STADIA have released a new blog today bringing us some good news. It’s not the announcement of the fourth Pro game but something just as equally exciting. STADIA has started to roll out a search bar on the web browser & updated UI for sorting your library. Be patient though as both of these feature will roll out to you by the end of the week. Some future updates were announced too such as; Android devices will be able to access STADIA via the web browser with no need for the STADIA app, Bulk deleting game captures & An activity feed to share captures and State Shares. Bare in mind the activity feed is just a mock up so the design and concept could completely change.


A few other features to take notice based on the pictures are; you’ll be able to organise your library by genre of game, bulk select to approve games to share with the family, Explore now has it own tab& library seems to have its own page too. some of these will come to pass and others may not.

Now you didn’t hear this from me but I feel like there will be some game announcement coming tomorrow. (pure speculation)

By Raphel

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