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Food for thoughts

So if you think about it no matter what price you pay on Stadia for a game it’s yours for as long as the platform is a live which could be forever being a cloud service so if you factor in the cost of running the severs for that game indefinitely (which you cannot fathom that sort of cost) on top of that the graphics Quality will always improve as and when Stadia improve their services over time and the performance of the game will improve over time as the technology gets improve.

Now bear in mind you will never pay for the hardware upgrades on the service now every console out there can only backwards compatible games so far it’s like running a game that was built for windows 95 trying to get it to work on windows 10 virtually impossible yet with Stadia that game you brought all those years ago on the platform is still there but it’s running better then ever on that same platform 25 years later that’s the beauty of Stadia, so for me when I paying a price on the system that I feel is too expensive I think of that thought and then the price is not so scary for example…

Avengers game I paid £75 for the game and I could have waited for the base game to come out and get cheaper by the way we will get DLC content free with the game, so if say for argument sake I was still paying this game in 25 years that £75 I paid has worked out to £3 per year “£3” for constant improvements and being able to play the game at the best it can be with the most updated software for 25 years now that sounds amazing to me.

So I suppose what I’m saying is even if games are expensive think about what you will get from them how long they will last but for me on Stadia the Long life of the game and the improvements are worth it for the right game.

Hope this has given you “food for Thoughts”

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12 thoughts on “Stadia Pricing – Food for thoughts”
  1. You said you would be able to play the games you open at the best possible quality for years to come. But there are two problems with that statement. 1. Google charges $10 a month to play any of your games over 1080p. So add that into your total, not just the cost of the game. And 2. If you go and search any of the actual test videos, even after the latest patch there are defiantly still some minor lag issues compared to PC or console gaming. Full game streaming just isn’t there yet though still better then years ago..

  2. Stadia will last for 25 years. This isn’t some bit part project that they are going to scrap in a year

    What won’t last is that game. Or any game. There will be enhamcents in Google’s technology which will make it uneconomical for goodle to continue to provide. There are countless services that have ended over the years just because they are no longer relevant (yes Google’s Facebook rival is a prime example, but this is not just limited to google)

    A game is no different to that no matter it’s platform.

    I hope I’m wrong but working in IT, and seeing the pace of forced redundancy (for example the forcefull way intel and Microsoft have pushed users to windows 10) I just can’t see any service hosting a game for more than 10 years.

  3. You are assuming it will last 25 years with Google’s reputation of dipping products and services I can see them dropping this

  4. Hi,
    I’m UK too and appreciate your article.
    My opinion is that the gap in price is just too large when comparing digital to physical. Shop around and you’ll soon find Avengers on consoles for £45, compared to £60 digital on all platforms.
    That £45 physical copy has all your consumer rights in tact, so you own it and can sell it. We don’t get such rights with our digital copies.
    Stadia price of £60 is on par with PS4 store, so yeah given Stadias ongoing updates it’s an advantage in the digitals.

    1. Thank you for replying your points a very valid and I suppose it’s also down to where you want to play, for me I like to play some games over and over in time.

  5. Your article has a point I bought Super mario kart about 25 years ago, I’d still probably play it now if I still had my SNES.
    I know there are new versions of the game, but to play the original on the same controller etc that would be cool. If they could also provide cloud versions of my friends (I’ve lost touch with) I originally played it with, that would be the cherry on top lol I wouldn’t put it past Google.
    Great article much thanks from the UK.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply I’m so glad you liked it I’m to from the UK, lol if they could also do my friends from the palsy that would be great lol

  6. I was thinking about this today after watching a really good discussion about backward compatibility on YouTube Search for “Alanah Pearce does ps5 need backward compatibility?” and watch the whole hour if you got time.

    I know this issue can’t be applied to stadia in the same way it does to consoles however, I think it is important to raise questions about the life of games on stadia; will there be a time where Google cannot allow the game to be streamed?

    Possible scenarios;

    1. Google has a habit of killing code that renders games useless without the developer’s intervention 25 years later.

    2. Licensing, a game like Avengers could be subject to takedowns due to future licensing requests.

    3. Has anyone read the terms and conditions of Stadia? This will certainly raise other possible scenarios where games will be taken down.

    1. Very good questions and it does get the mind thinking I don’t think anyone has done a breakdown of the terms and conditions so that’s definitely a good question I might look into that and also check out the video recommendation thank you so much and also thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this. LLAP

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