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The last couple of weeks have been very busy for the Stadia team. New features have rolled out on the web and mobile versions of Stadia.

Going over everything would make for a long day, so I’m going to briefly run through the items that people care the most about. Let’s get started.

Stadia Mobile App Notifications

This seems like a small thing but it’s actually a big deal. For nearly a year the Stadia App did not have push notifications. This is a feature that many have come to expect out of certain apps. Not having it made the app seem incomplete.

Well, as of a week or so ago, Stadia enabled this feature, initially for friend requests, but as you can tell from the image below, they have expanded what the app will alert you to. You can toggle these on and off globally, or individually. Now you will be updated on Pro Games, games you might like, as well as features and news. Along with the aforementioned friend request notifications.

This is a much welcomed feature, and it’s good that you can customize them so it works how you want it to work.

Clip Sharing

Up next is a much needed update to a launch feature. You can now share your game capture. This feature is still rolling out on the website, and to the mobile app. This was a big upgrade. The way to share before was to download the clip (which you can still do), convert it from the format it came in, to a web friendly version, then upload it to whatever site you wanted to share it on. 

Now, you have the much simpler option to share the clip, or screenshot via a link generated within the app. Clicking the share button at the top of the screen brings up a dialog box which generates a link for you to use. You can click the “Copy Link” button, and share the clip anywhere you choose to. Only people with the link can view the clip. 

Anyone viewing the clip will have the option to report the clip, or play the game the clip was made from. If they don’t have a Stadia Account, they can create one easily, and in a few steps, they will be able to get the game, and play for themselves. I included a clip of me sinking a putt in PGA Tour2K21 here.

Additionally, if you are in a group chat, it will also capture audio from your microphone, and whoever else is in the chat. You can disable this feature in the app.

Player Profiles

Another feature that Stadia quietly rolled out is player profiles. Here you can click on your friends list, and see what games they have, how many hours they’ve played each game, and what Achievements they’ve unlocked. You also have the option to remove, add to party, report, and block them all from this screen. This feature, like many others, was stealth dropped into the app, and website and discovered by members of the community.


This is a long requested feature, and it is finally rolling out. This was discovered on the Italian version, and is not yet enabled in the US that I am aware of. This features an automatic translation of text messages to your language. So you can communicate with everyone on your list, no matter where they are. Google has this feature in their Pixel Buds. It translates incoming audio from foreign languages to your language. I am quite confident this will work in Stadia just fine. I’ve used Google Translate through the search engine, and it works amazingly.

We will update you when it rolls out in the US. This is an amazing feature, and I’m glad it is finally coming. 

Family Sharing Is Finally Here!

Finally, we’ve come to one of the most requested features that I have seen since launch. Family Sharing. This feature allows you to share your games on Stadia with anyone with a Stadia account by creating a Family Group. You have to add a payment method, which means that anyone over 18 can use this method to purchase games with the card on file. You can however set it to not allow the purchase without your permission. The great thing about this feature is that you can share as many, or as little games as you want. You can share your Pro games without the other members having to have a Pro subscription.

You can choose to share everything, or choose which games to share, and the one downside to this feature is that only one person can play a game at a time. So a fighting game like MK 11 would only have one person on, and  you can’t play 1v1 games. Hopefully, this will be enabled. Parental Controls play a big role as you can restrict certain games with mature content from being played by your minor children, etc.

Since the launch of this feature, players have seen their active players in their friends list nearly quadruple overnight. I went from having 12 people playing to having 60 people on at any given time. Others have seen theirs grow to over 100 people online at any given time.

This is all ahead of Stadia’s highly anticipated 1-year anniversary. They seem to be on the fast track with rolling these features out. The web, and mobile versions are getting more rounded out, and fully realized. Now if they could just do something with the CCU user interface, then we’d really be cooking with gas.

Stadia is also running a promotion giving you a free Premier Edition of Stadia if you had an active YouTube Premium account on November 6th. If you do, you can click here to see if you’re eligible. If it shows you are not eligible, you may not be on the account you have you YouTube Premium account on. You can click the “Switch Accounts” button to change to that account, and it will show up, and you can claim your free Premier Edition which includes a Clearly White controller, and a Chromecast Ultra. This is needed to play on your TV.

As of this writing, this was supposed to be a while supplies last promotion. And is has sold out in the US. It is still available in the UK, and is rolling out to more countries.

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  1. Had these been out during launch instead of a year later, stadia could have stood a chance. But they released it with virtually nothing working side from just playing games.

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