Cloudy with a Chance of Games

We are on the eve of what could be either the greatest event for Stadia’s marketing team, or one of its biggest letdowns. What I am referring to is the “Good Stuff” event for Google Stadia. A week ago, in their first of two weekly Community Blog posts, it was announced that the following week would have three days of announcements, hands-on Stadia surprises, 3 exclusive demos, and more. This was enough to send the community into a frenzy with wild expectations, speculations, and overall happiness that something big was coming.

While I consider myself to be among those that are exceedingly stoked for the event, I do want to express a bit of caution. The last event Google had was “Launch Night In.” While this was a Google specific event to showcase their latest phones, speakers, and gadgets; there was also a mention of Stadia. The end of the 30 minute event showed Stadia being used on mobile. I tweeted earlier that day to not expect much by way of Stadia news as this wasn’t a Stadia event. That didn’t stop the hype train, and when it was announced that the latest Chromecast (Chromecast with Google TV) didn’t have support for Stadia on launch, and would be available in H1 2021; let’s just say it wasn’t received too well. There were many tweets, and articles saying Stadia is an afterthought, etc. 

This event does feel different. For a number of reasons. The main reason being the apparent shift in marketing strategy as of late. It all started with the “Ubisoft Forward” event. This showed off a number of new games for Ubisoft, and set the stage for their upcoming releases this Fall and Winter. During this event, Stadia had a segment to itself highlighted by Phil Harrison (Vice President & GM of Stadia making an appearance to announce Immortals Fenix Rising would get an exclusive demo on Stadia with a whole island to explore. Seeing him standing there in front of the huge Stadia logo was like a shot in the arm for the community that was dying for something, anything give us hope.

This marked the beginning, and soon after Stadia would launch two new ads. “Get To Know Stadia” and “You Have What It Takes” were well done, concise and to the point. These were direct ads that targeted their vast potential audience in ways unseen by the Stadia team. It was just the type of advertising the community has been dying for. With the announcements of Ubisoft bringing even more games and Cyberpunk 2077 coming day and date with other platforms; it’s understandable the level of hype surrounding this three day event.

I just want us to remember that the hype going into the Summer Connect was through the roof. A lot of us were let down by that event. Some were even let down by the Spring Connect; and that to me was the best event they’ve had thus far.

My main point is to take a measured approach, and don’t fall into the trap of wild expectations. Hold back on the definitive statements and guarantees of what is definitely going to happen. Allow yourself to be a fan more than an analyst. Enjoy the event for what it is; and let’s see what they have in store for us and have fun with it. This could be the greatest event for the marketing team. Let’s hope that it is.

We owe it to ourselves to not go down that road again.

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