Cloudy with a Chance of Games

The Square Enix financial report has come out today and there is some interesting reading for Cloud Gaming enthusiasts. Square Enix is fully committed and one could say all-in in cloud gaming with the talk in their report. They see cloud gaming to take off especially when 5G becomes more standard.

As the launch of 5G cellular networks accelerates these trends and full-fledged cloud
streaming platforms come online, a new age is likely to begin.

There is also talk of multiple new game streaming services coming on board as well with the quote, with Amazons Project Tempo being a prime candidate.

The market for software for consumer game consoles looks poised for further growth given the launch of
multiple streaming services and the fact that next-generation consoles are slated for release in 2020

There is also talk of cloud only games being developed by Square Enix in the future.

Cloud gaming will meanwhile dictate that the industry devise gaming experiences unique to the cloud environment
and develop cloud-native games.

Some of the key parts of the report are below in regards to cloud gaming.

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