Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Google had its Launch Night In event today which showcased a number of new products launching from Google. For the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on the new Chromecast with Google TV (formerly code named: Sabrina). The new Chromecast will come with support for apps, and was shown to act as a hub across all of your entertainment apps. All except one. 

The one omission was that of Google Stadia. Google’s fledgeling cloud gaming platform. Currently, you can use the Chromecast Ultra to play Stadia on your TV, and get the 4K60 stream there. This has been the case for nearly a year, and with the introduction of the newest Chromecast, many assumed that it would natively support the gaming platform on launch. This again was not the case.

This was later addressed in a tweet for the Stadia account. In the first half of 2021, the Chromecast with Google TV will in fact support Google Stadia. So, crisis averted, right? Not so fast. There were people still upset with this news. I can understand why they would be. This put some potential buyers off to purchasing the new dongle. However, I’d like to pose a couple of ideas as to why this may be the case. So humor me a bit.

Next year, we now know that Stadia will be supported. So this leads me to wonder if the main reason why Stadia isn’t supported on it now is because they are working on the next version of Stadia, and it just isn’t ready for the market yet. Maybe the current version isn’t getting along with the new CC, and the Chromecast Ultra works just fine, so there’s no need to rush to make it work.

This is new technology, so maybe Stadia’s current tech isn’t compatible with it. This leads to another question: Does this mean that the much fabled, and often rumored Stadia “2.0” is going to be released, and the new CC is the one you’ll need to run it? This is a big thing to consider. If this is the case, then I can definitely wait for that. I stated earlier that my CCU is enough for me, and when Stadia is supported on the CCwGT, I will pick it up.

I also had an issue with the new CC though. It doesn’t seem to come with an ethernet adapter in the plug straight out the box. So this means that you’ll need to purchase it separately. From what I have heard, this will cost around $20, while the CCwGT will run you $49.99. So we’re looking at $70 or so to get what you already have with the CCU currently. This is an Apple-type of package. Not a fan of that at all. Just charge me the $69.99 for it, and call it a day.

I plan on picking one up when Stadia is supported. I may just grab it, and open it when that day comes. 

Another controversy is that it seems there are reports of the CCU being pulled from the Google Store. However, according to 9To5Google, the CCU has not been discontinued, but will only be sold with the Stadia controller in the Premier Edition bundle. I think the controversy is a bit overblown, and I’d like to wait for the other shoe to drop before rushing to react to things. I’m asking that others do the same, and see how things play out. 

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