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Today Vulkan announced via twitter that their software was “Ray Tracing Ready”. Why is this BIG NEWS? Well Stadia uses Vulkan! This means it now has the capability to use the much sought after Ray Tracing.

What is Ray Tracing? Ray tracing is capable of simulating a variety of optical effects, such as reflection and refractionscattering, and dispersion phenomena

However the good news doesn’t stop there. In a press release by Khronos it has been announced that Hitman 3 coming to Stadia will be using this update in their Glaicer Engine. Thus meaning Hitman 3 has it within their power to apply Ray Tracing to their game.

“The Glacier Engine has a Vulkan backend that powers HITMAN3 on Stadia. 

said Maurizio De Pascale, CTO, IO Interactive A/S.

This is very exciting news for those who use Stadia. Seamlessly being able to use these features without having to upgrade or buy new hardware, to have such features as these without having the most up to date hardware.

Its exciting to see what games begin to adopt this new update and take advantage of Ray Tracing. I know it would be amazing to see it on such games as Watch Dogs Legions, Assassins Creed Valhalla or Stadia’s game of the moment CyberPunk 2077.

Thank you for reading, keep you’re eyes peeled for more news from us at cloudy!

By Raphel

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