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Below is the official notes for PUBG Update 8.2

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New Weapon: MG3

The latest weapon available in Battlegrounds Care Packages is the fast firing MG3 Light Machine Gun. With two different rates of fire, a bipod for stability, tracer rounds to help you keep track of your spray, and increased weapon damage to vehicles, there’s a new reason to fight over the big red box.

  • Spawns in Care Packages on all maps, in Normal Matches only.
    • Not currently available in Ranked Matches
  • The MG3 has two firing modes which change the fire rate between 660 rpm and 990 rpm.
  • Chambered for 7.62mm, holds 75 rounds and has a muzzle velocity of 820 m/s.
  • Tracer rounds are fired every 5th round, as well as for the final 10 bullets of each magazine, letting you know that ammo is running low.
    • Tracer rounds can only be seen by the shooter.
  • Supports optical attachments up to the 6x Scope.
  • MG3 does greater damage(x 1.25) when shooting at vehicles.
  • The MG3 has a bipod attached, deploying automatically when prone to greatly improve weapon stability.

New Throwable: Decoy Grenade

Disorient your enemies and cover your movements with the new Decoy Grenade. Available as world loot on Sanhok, the Decoy Grenade will make fake firing sounds for about 10 seconds after thrown, giving you a few moments to make your move.

The Decoy Grenade is a new throwable which mimics gunshot sounds. Purposely made to be used as a tactical item to distract and outwit your opponents.

  • Available only on Sanhok in Normal Matches, as a rare world spawn item.
    • Not available in Ranked Mode.
  • Decoy grenades can be cooked to reduce their detonation time out of the hand and are thrown just like other grenades.
  • Upon detonation, Decoy Grenades generate random gunshot sounds for 10 seconds and eject shell casings to add to the guise of real gunfire.
  • Beware, they’re not waterproof! Dropping one into water will disable its effects.
  • Decoy Grenades don’t currently spawn in Training Mode.

Weapon Remodel and Retexture

M416, SKS and Kar98k has been remodeled from scratch to high level of visual quality. Along with their visual update, weapon sounds of those weapons has been overhauled to match the improved quality.

  • To offer some more context on the gun sound changes included in this update, our goal was to increase the realism and quality of the sounds for the M416, SKS and Kar98k.
  • The Kar98k and SKS had their local and remote gunfire audio modified, this is both the sound you hear when firing your own weapon and when others fire theirs. For the M416, we were happy with the remote gunshot audio, but it wasn’t very recognizable as an M416 when compared to the local sound you’d hear when firing it yourself. So, we decided to completely update the local sound and leave the remote sound as is.

Care Package Updates

  • C4 has been added to Care Packages on all maps, except Karakin.
  • MG3 has been added to Care Packages on all maps.
    • The C4 and MG3 are not available in Ranked Mode.


Erangel Docks

  • Four docks have been added to Erangel.
    • Two docks have been added to existing wharves, one at Novorepnoye and the other at Ferry Pier.
    • The southern beach of the Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island have also had docks added.

World update

  • All destructible wooden shacks have been replaced with concrete, indestructible shacks. This is a temporary change due to a technical issue with destructible shacks.

Skin & Items

New Items

  • Night on the Town
    • Sets
      • NIGHTCLUB DRESS SET (+ Victory Dance 23 emote)
      • BOW TIE AND SUSPENDERS SET (+ Bundle of Hearts emote)
  • Individual items
    • Nightclub Dress (White)
    • Nightclub Stockings
    • Bow Tie and Suspenders Suit
    • Shiny Shoes and Socks

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