Cloudy with a Chance of Games

On Monday March 15th, Stadia and Play Crafting will be teaming up to host a week long event that will bring often overlooked game developers together to create co-op games that could make their way to the Stadia Store via the Stadia Makers program.

These developers will get a wonderful opportunity, and will get to showcase their abilities, and we will get to see it, and hopefully play these games down the line.

Ten teams of mostly four developers will work during this week-long event which ends March 20th to create games. If their game is selected, they will move on to the Stadia Makers program Stadia Makers helps independent developers publish their games directly to the Stadia Store, with funding, and support from Unity. Also, if their games aren’t picked up, they will keep their rights, and will be able to pitch them to other platforms.

So there’s nothing to lose for them.

This was first reported by the Gaming Lyfe website. Since there was no word from Google Stadia, nor Play Crafting themselves, people wondered if it was real or not. But Play Crafting on March 11th that the event was indeed real, and would be kicking off today on YouTube. However, when I went to their channel, there was no stream waiting, No mention of the event, nothing to indicate it was even happening. 

I asked if the event was happening, and Play Crafting replied saying the event was postponed to tomorrow, and will now stream on Twitch. No word was given for the delay, or the stream change.

Also it’s notable that not even the team from Stadia has made mention of this event. Instead they have been promoting their event for the release of Fifa where you get to play along with the Stadia team. This is great and all, but the question begs: If you have these two events happening, why mention only one?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the Stadia team interacting with the community that supports it, but it’s curious this other event wasn’t worth a mention. Was it meant to be a low key event? Why switch from YouTube to Twitch?

There are a lot of questions surrounding this event, and we will see what happens tomorrow night at 7pm ET on Twitch.

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