Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Outriders has been out since the 1st of April. Apart from a rocky start with the servers, It seems that Outriders has been received very well with gamers! It has to be a good thing if your game is so popular, that its overwhelmed with players! Newly released games tend to have a few bugs. Unfortunately Outriders has a bug that wipes your inventory under certain circumstances. With this being said People Can Fly have been very reactionary and vocal about making this their top priority.

However since posting this tweet they have come up with a potential prevention method and some safe guarding. They advise you to immediately shut your game down and reboot. The method stated isn’t a fix but could potentially help a lucky few. However have no fear they are aiming to restore any loot lost due to the bug. So don’t give up on them!

People Can Fly have been very open and honest with it’s player base when it comes to the bugs and short comings. This is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. They are working hard with their community and team to bring you the best experience possible. I look forward to seeing what Outriders brings us in the future.

To follow the updates on the resolution to the bug Click Here. Outriders is available in the cloud on | Stadia | GFN | Xcloud |

By Raphel

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