Cloudy with a Chance of Games

It’s been a month since People Can Fly released Outriders. The Game has been received very well despite some of the bugs apparent in the game. However the STADIA community have been far behind in patch releases since the game dropped. Some people have been very vocal about this both positive and negative. Some not minding due to the inventory bug being non existent in the version available and others disappointed with the quality and not being on par with the other platforms. The game has been playable for most but also not for some.

Today is the day that STADIA receives an updated patch however the patch version no longer shows on the home screen so its hard to determine what version STADIA is currently on. As the number in the bottom right of the options menu isn’t the patch number, as i was able to confirm with a YouTuber (Mighty Squeege) this morning who plays on PlayStation who is currently on Patch 1.07. It is totally possible that STADIA could have received the most recent patch but until confirmation we are unsure. The big most recent update brings crash fixes, issue resolutions for multiplayer, lots of bug fixes, improvements & optimizations + More See Full Patch Notes Here.

Alongside the update those who had pre ordered Outriders have now received their Hell’s Ranger content which is available in the inbox which is located in your stash.

By Raphel

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