Cloudy with a Chance of Games

It’s been a hot week for People Can Fly’s looter-shooter, Outriders. And the game’s first patch is imminent, with free guns and gear!

In a nutshell

  • Outriders is the brand new IP, a looter-shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix
  • The first big patch arrives for Outriders next week, with balancing changes arriving in-game today
  • Server issues and crashes explained
  • People Can Fly are sharing some of Outriders future plans
  • Launch players will be rewarded with a Legendary weapon and exclusive emote

What’s Coming?

Outriders has kicked off with a hell of a week and considering there’s no end of issues with the game in its current state. It’s received a great deal of positive attention from both critics and the players alike. As with most online games of today, server issues have plagued players across all platforms. But when it works, it’s a blast.

The team behind Outriders, People Can Fly, have today released a developer blog post on Reddit detailing a list of updates coming to the game. This includes some of their early future plans.

Perhaps some of the most interesting news to the players is the rewards, dubbed Appreciation Package, due to be handed out to those who have played through the launch. Most notably, a free Legendary weapon. But it doesn’t end here.

Outriders launch players will receive a level matched weapon, Titanium resource and the newly unveiled “Frustration” emote. This will be based on the level of your highest levelled character, so go get grinding!

Balance – As all things should be

Outriders is just a week old, and already the dev team have been seeing enough game data to know changes are needed to balance out classes, skills and even the world of Enoch itself. These changes will be implemented today as backend updates, but it isn’t yet clear if there will be client-side updates as well.

If you read through some of the comments on Reddit, or any other social platform, you will undoubtedly find people are not entirely happy with some of the changes. Overall I think these will help balance the game for the better, even if it does mean making the grind that bit harder. What makes weapons Legendary if everyone has them after all.

The balance change details can be found here.

The Servers

The Outriders dev teams have been hard at work tirelessly trying to pinpoint issues and put fixes in place. And for anyone who’s been playing since day 1, you’ll have no doubt seen the ups and downs in improvements day to day.

Whilst cross-play is still not a viable way to play the game at present, it’s clear we’re getting closer to the desired experience. Something I for one can’t wait to be fully implemented.

With Outriders being a Game Pass day 1 release, you can’t help but wonder how much of an impact the additional player numbers may have had on server capacity. Not to mention the introduction of additional cloud platforms, giving more players access to the game than ever before.

If you’re looking for the nitty gritty on the issues and fixes, read here.

Missing Loot? Not for long! (sort of)

As a looter-shooter, Outriders is built around grinding out the rarest of Legendary weapons and gear. The right to boast and look bad ass whilst doing so. However, many players have been vocal about their hard earnt loot going missing between sessions.

Well the upcoming patch will be addressing this, with many items being returned to players shortly, however this will not include blue items. Furthermore, the devs have confirmed that this should be a one time fix, so let’s hope this doesn’t return in the future.

Again, you can find the specifics here.

More Good Stuff To Come

Let’s face it, as much as we’re fed up with games that release only to be plagued with bugs and game breaking issues, Outriders has managed to hold huge numbers of players captive, even throughout the hardship. That means there must be something underneath all the problems.

One thing’s for sure, the community team behind the Outriders social channels are smashing their customer service requirements to pieces. Constant updates and communication is key to keep players in the loop. It makes a world of difference to us, the players.

Now let’s go save Enoch!

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