Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Outriders released on the 1st of April. Stadia wasn’t originally supposed to have this until a later date. However they pulled it out of the bag making it possible to play alongside the other platforms on the 1st. Outriders arrived on Stadia as build version 1.00. A surprise to many as this is an outdated build compared to the other platforms. Alongside this Pre-Order items have not been distributed to Stadia players as of yet. However Stadia players have no fear Stadia have been in touch with the Square Enix Team.

A Statement announced on the Stadia Discord reassures us that they are aware of the situation. We can only speculate that they are working hard to get Stadia users up to date with the other platforms. On the other hand the inventory wipe bug is a good enough reason to not be so hasty. Seeing as the current builds seems to increase the chances of it happening.

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By Raphel

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