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Splash Damage the creators behind ‘Outcasters’ are celebrating ‘Blocktober’. This is an annual event that celebrates all things Level design. In their most recent article they sit down with Midas (Level Designer), and Safal (Production Tester on a Level Design secondment) to talk about their the map ‘Lucky Lagoon’. You can find the whole interview in-depth here: Blocktober: Outcasters.

I want to highlight some of the things that stood out in this interview.

we learn more about the mode called ‘Last Caster Standing’ and that certain maps have been built for especially for different modes.

Lucky’s Lagoon is a level designed for the Last Caster Standing (LCS) game mode in Outcasters. LCS pits 8 players against each other until there is only one left alive. When time runs out, a Ring of Doom will gradually constrict the available gameplay space, pushing everyone towards the centre of the map for a final stand-off, ensuring there’s tension throughout the whole match

We learn that specific areas in maps have been built as traps that can be set off by other players.

The Power-up Ambush -This trap can be activated by shooting the statues (the blue pillars). Which then fire a splitting projectile that scatters over the Power-up. This allows players to deliberately create a dangerous risk/reward proposition for their opponents

The Death Slinky – This rotating statue shoots a string of projectiles that will hit anyone located on the curved bridge. Players will have to wait and time their shots exactly right to catch their opponents off guard!

Fire Tornado – My absolute favourite bit about Lucky’s Lagoon is this central area (it’s the idea that started the level). I wanted to create a way for players to deliberately trap and duel each other. In the end, I created this death spiral in the centre by combining wall-running projectiles with a very specific setup of walls

We are introduced to a new map ‘ Buccaneer Bay’ and learn more about the mode ‘Gold Rush’.

Gold Rush pits two teams of four against each other in a race to collect, and then Bank, coins spread all over the level. The Banking Areas are designed and placed to create tense combat situations between the teams.

Outcasters is shaping up to quite an extraordinary game, it look a lot more fast paced than people might think and you can see that major amounts of thought process has gone in from player spawn locations, to coin spawn locations to the curve of the walls. Make sure you go and read the full article here: Blocktober: Outcasters. Follow Outcasters on Twitter.

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