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We had the pleasure of speaking to Splash Damage about the highly anticipated Outcasters which is coming to Stadia later this year. For those who are unaware Outcasters is starting to get a reputation with the Stadia community as a cheeky chappy on Twitter (Poor Eddie). I recommend that you follow them on the following channels Outcasters TwitterOutcasters Instagram, and Outcasters Discord. Our interview focussed on the Stadia Community, Stadia Features and Accessibility options for Outcasters.

Q: Your Twitter account is having great fun with the Stadia community. How have you found the welcome you have received from the wider Stadia fanbase?

A: It’s been so much fun! I knew that Stadia fans were awesome and passionate, but I didn’t expect to have this much fun every time I checked my notifications! Everyone has been so welcoming; streamers, fans, news sites, even other games on platform have been really nice to us since we announced the game.

Q: Stadia has a number of unique features in Crowd Play, Crowd Choice and Stateshare. Outcasters seems a perfect fit for a couple of them. When designing the game have you considered these and have they played into some design choices?

Stadia’s features are definitely an interesting thing to consider when designing a game. The platform itself has some amazing advantages over others. No downloads, the ability to play anywhere, on any device, no loading times — all of these are things can trigger interesting conversations about design!

Q: What games have you played on Stadia? Have you taken ideas for some of the Stadia only features from them?

A: A lot of games. I love Destiny 2, I’ve been playing Wave Break, and more recently Super Bomberman R Online (which is the perfect game for Stadia!). I’ve also been enjoying some smaller titles like Spiritfarer!

We do see what other titles do with Stadia, and it’s always awesome. We think we’re doing some pretty cool stuff as well.

Q: There are two modes announced for Outcasters in Last Caster Standing and Gold Rush. Can we get more information on these modes? Will you be able to play as a single player? Are there more modes to be announced?

A: We’ll be showing off the modes in more detail soon, but I can say that you’ll be able to play solo! Obviously, we think Outcasters is great when you jump in with pals, but you’ll also have a great time if you play on your own.

Q: With the videos and screenshots on Twitter customisation seems to play a big part of the game. Can you customise your characters in both what abilities they have and also their skins / clothing options.

A: Customisation is a massive part of Outcasters! We’ve shown off a few bits here and there, and shown you some of the characters you can unlock to steal bits from to make your own unique (and probably weird) creations.

In answer to your question: yes. We’ve teased some abilities on Twitter already, and we’ll be showing off more and explaining them in greater detail soon, but we’ve got multiple abilities in the game because we know that people don’t only want to show off how great they look, but also create a playstyle that they enjoy.

Q: There seems to be a push towards a family-friendly approach in Outcasters which is a little different to the other games you have worked on. Was there a particular reason for this?

A: This is an interesting question that comes up a lot. So, Outcasters certainly looks very different to lots of games we’ve made previously. But it’s all a ruse! Under the surface there’s a game that our fans will feel right at home with; it’s fast, it’s skill-based, it’s tactical (and sometimes a little chaotic!)

We’re going to be talking more about how the game’s visuals were born very soon, though, and we think that that story is a really interesting one.

Q: We at Cloudy at a Chance of Games believe Gaming is for All. Will Outcasters be adding accessibility options into the game? Also related, how have you found it developing the game for all screen sizes?

A: Two questions in one! Firstly, yes, I completely agree – we need to (both as a company and industry) do far more to remove the barrier to entry for people to play. We do have some accessibility options in the game, and I’d like to do a blog post detailing them as we get closer to launch (thanks for the reminder!)

Designing for multiple screen sizes is a question I won’t embarrass myself by trying to answer for you, but I’ll make sure that we do a blog post about that in the future!

We would like to thank Outcasters again for the interview and you will be able to play the game later this year.

By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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