Cloudy with a Chance of Games

The day that Stadians make their predictions for has arrived and November sees a further 6 games added to your library.

Let’s look at what we’ve got coming

Sniper Elite 4:

Only this morning we were talking about it featuring on the ratings board and a few hours later it appears.

A World War II adventure set in Italy with some great visuals, large scale maps and let’s not forget that Stadia exclusive feature of HDR support.

Risk of Rain 2

Launching back in September of the platform, Risk of Rain 2 received worthy plaudits for it’s style and gameplay.

The survival game may look like a friendly encounter but it will keep you on your toes. I’d ready up that squad to take on this challenge.

The Gardens Between

This new on Stadia title drops straight into pro. It’s featured on all other major platforms at some stage. It looks it will provide some challenging puzzles and an art style that we’ve all come to crave.


If there wasn’t enough hacking on your mind with the launch of a certain other title, then this will certainly fill a void.

You’ll need your stealth mindset, to complete this action adventure title.

Another title that hit the store in September that’s coming up for pro.

Sundered Eldritch Edition

Following on from Jotun being on pro this month, We get Thunder Lotus Games next title in November.

Speaking to many of the community, they will tell you this is the better of the two titles, so certainly something to look forward to hear as you find yourself either resisting or embracing ancient eldritch powers, in this metroidvania, hand drawn game.

Hello Neighbour: Hide & Seek

If you couldn’t get enough of Hello Neighbour, then it’s creepy prequel will keep you right.

The drama in this instalment follows the tragic story of the Neighbour’s family.

You’ll experience a game of hide and seek with your brother as you deal with the loss of a family member.


Overall we think this is a largely solid month for pro games, especially at a time where characteristically big AAA titles are launching as we wind down the year.

There may be some frustrations among those who purchased either Risk of Rain 2 or Republique. In the main, we think people will be happy with this little haul.

The standout title for sure has to be Sniper Elite 4, especially with it’s added Stadia exclusive feature.

It turns out some of our predictions weren’t so far off after all, Sadly though there is no Red Dead Redemption 2 in sight for Duncan.

What are your thoughts on November’s Pro games? Let us know over on twitter or in the comments section.

By Barry Jackson

My first gaming experience was on a ZX spectrum, from there I've gone through every Nintendo system, Playstation , Xbox up until the last generation of the consoles and of course PC. I finally seen the light earlier in 2020 and made the move to Cloud Gaming and quite genuinely it was the best thing I've ever done. The future of gaming is here and with my deep passion for gaming I can't wait to experience where it's going.

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