Cloudy with a Chance of Games

So today my good friend Wingy decided to take a break from YouTube, which in my opinion is a great loss to the gaming community he has been with us since I can remember and is thanks to Stadia we will be life long friends.

When I started this journey he and Stadiacast was the only two YouTubers out there, and I instantly took to his personality I thought to myself this guy is exactly like me and since then have followed his channel and become life long friends.

Now I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is always honest and true and I respect him more than anyone I know he is a true mate I would defo call him a brother from another mother.

Enjoy writing your books and i for one will defo be reading them, enjoy the time and I know your kids and wife are proud of the man you are and will always be True, honest & great man a wonderful Dad and Husband.

So I’m until you return to YouTube stay safe be well, enjoy your family and get writing.

Love you man LLAP

From Wolock

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