Cloudy with a Chance of Games

It has been a mixed couple of days for Geforce Now in that, they have lost the backing of 2k games but have gained support the if Epic Games.  2k Games have pulled there games from Geforce Now following on the back on many other developers.  This move has upset a number of gamers.

The interesting news is that Tim Sweeney via a tweet has indicated that Geforce now has Epics full backing and it is their preferred method for cloud gaming going forward. With this, it has been indicated that Geforce Now will add the Epic Game Store.  This will open up a number more ways to access games and play them on the service.

This could be a turning point for Geforce Now with the backing of Tim Sweeney and Epic Games.  With the free games which the Epic Store provides on a weekly basis this could end up being the entry point for many more people to try cloud gaming and convenience it holds.

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