Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Today it has been announced that Legend of Keepers is coming to Stadia on April 29th. This was announced via a press release today. The game has been announced as coming to Switch, PC via a number of stores and Utomik the PC game subscription service. Stadia has had a good number of weeks with a number of great titles coming including Resident Evil Village. Legend of the Keepers is a Rogue-Like game and has been in earlier access on Steam for a number of months and has racked up 100,000 in downloads.

Developer and publisher Goblinz Studio (Dungeon Rushers, As Far As The Eye, Snowtopia) today announced its reverse dungeon crawler Legend of Keepers is coming to PC, Stadia and Nintendo Switch on April 29th. Already a hit with over 100,000 players on Steam Early Access, Legend of Keepers turns Roguelite tropes upside down, inviting players to sign up to the Dungeons Company and rain down fury on the heads of meddling heroes.

In a world overrun with heroes, it’s time to change the game and embrace the beast within. You will join the crack team of grisly creatures charged with defending the dungeons from meddling do-gooders. Once in the job, there are plenty of opportunities to climb the corporate ladder by competently kicking hero butts and safeguarding your employer’s golden assets.

Legend of Keepers offers a great benefit program for its salaried dungeon defenders: dozens of gorgeously crafted dungeons, campaign mode that pokes fun at fantasy cliches, rugged turn-based combat, multiple skills to master, recipe-packed crafting system and much more. When foolhardy adventurers draw near, select your monsters, set your traps, and watch gleefully as they perish dramatically by your hand. Very few underground jobs are this rewarding.

By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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