Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Stadia has now ruined Destiny 2 on consoles and xCloud for me. I switched on Destiny 2 on my Xbox this past weekend just to try it out and the difference is now stark and drastic. Destiny 2 feels so much better on Stadia and moving back to the Xbox, and playing on an Xbox One X, feels like a complete step back and honestly feels like a different game.

The Stadia version of Destiny 2 has so many things going for it however there are two standouts in loading speed and 60fps. Both of these are game-changing for Destiny 2 and in my view make the console versions of the game the least preferred method of playing. If you would do a blind taste test of both Xbox One X and Stadia version most people I feel would choose the Stadia version of the game.

Starting with the loading speed it is a night and day difference. Moving into the different maps in different takes about 30 seconds on the Xbox it was two minutes if not longer. Stadia has spoiled me in this regard and my patience for things like waiting for loading screens as dropped significantly. This is in all games and not just Destiny 2 there is no longer a wait to do things. Looking at your phone, toilet break, etc while waiting for things to load are gone on Stadia.

I used to mind if a game was 30fps or 60 fps but now as a result of Stadia it matters and it nearly matters to the point of, depending on the gamed, if it is not 60fps I do not want to play it. This is a massive change and one I could not see myself saying a number of years ago. Destiny 2 is a perfect example now. On Xbox, the game is 30 fps, even on Xbox One X, and after playing it on Stadia the game feels and looks stuttery on the console version. I cannot play the game on the console now as a result of this.

It is not all rosey for Stadia because while in single-player all above is how I feel in multiplayer aspects of Destiny 2 the story is different as the player population is not there. The gains you make in the faster loading time can be lost as the Stadia player base is not that high. For general playing and if you have a fireteam already made Stadia is the best, console-like, place to play Destiny 2.

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