Cloudy with a Chance of Games

If you purchase games on Steam to play on GeForce Now you may not be aware of Steam’s refund policy. It’s not simple, but it is process based so as long as you fit within their criteria you shouldn’t have any issues. What are the criteria? Interestingly, the same as Google Stadia: As long as you haven’t owned the game for longer than TWO weeks or played it for more than TWO hours you SHOULD be eligible for a same day refund.

The process of getting a refund is a little convoluted however. There may be other ways, but this has worked for me every time (three refunds recently). Firstly you will need to fire up your Steam account. I prefer to go to full-screen/big mode, as it’s easier to get to the next bit – but it’s your preference. Next locate the game you want to get a refund for in your library and click ‘support’. You will now be presented with a choice of possible issues. In my case all three games had issues so I looked for anything that related to poor play experience. You will probably get a further list of refined issues – again choose the one most appropriate to your issue. Finally you will see two further choices – one is to send a message and the other is to request a refund. This is pretty much just a click to accept from now on, although there is a text window where you can expand on the problem. In all cases I’ve left a short, factual, description of the issue. Now, I actually think that the decision on whether to receive a refund is automated as in all three cases for me I got confirmation (and one decline) within the same time frame – so whether leaving a message helps or not is not known. I took the reasoning that it shows I have a genuine concern, so just having some text in that box, anything, may help the weighting.

After all of this you will receive an immediate email confirmation that your request has been received and about an hour later confirmation (or not) that your refund has been accepted. How long it takes for your repayment to appear depends on whether you opted for it to be repaid to your original payment route (e.g. PayPal) or simply credited back to your Steam wallet (instant).

So there you go – two weeks or two hours is the key. Bear in mind that if you have played for more than two hours within the two week frame, or less than two hours but more than two weeks have elapsed you will be declined, but so far the process has worked exactly the same for me each time.

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