Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Happy Birthday Stadia, it’s time to celebrate with my (CloudGamer201’s) experience with Stadia. I haven’t been around since the founder’s days of Stadia but, I’ve been wanting to try it since GDC 2019. I didn’t have a job at the time so I wasn’t able to get one until December, But not on Christmas, they were giving away free Stadia Premiere Edition’s at Cinemark if you went to see an exclusive screening of Jumanji The Next Level and The Game Awards 2019. I was one of those lucky people. This was actually really exciting for me because I wanted to see how games worked in the cloud. The first game I actually bought on Stadia was Rage 2 when it was on sale. I have bought a ton of games since then (My favorite obviously being Mortal Kombat 11) . Some of my favorite purchases include Borderlands 3, Far Cry 5, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Celeste. My favorite pro games include Samurai Shodown, Crayta, Super Bomberman R Online, Dead By Daylight among many others. My experience with Stadia has been amazing and the community has been amazing through rough times. My introduction to this communtiy was with the 1st Stadia Super Saturday and I’ve been happy to be a part of it since then. Since August, I’ve been a part of Cloudy and i’m very glad to still be part of it today. Thanks everyone who has inspired me to make content and i would also like to thank the community who has been supportive of my content. I would also like to thank the Cloudy team for being very supportive of me. if you want to watch my content my youtube channel is CloudGamer201. Thanks for taking your time to read this article.

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