Cloudy with a Chance of Games

FDG Entertainment, the studio behind Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom put out a tweet dealing with the update to the Monster Boy game. For next-gen consoles, the game will be updated to run at 120fps (Frames Per Second) and native 4K resolution. This is big news for the indie developer. However, that wasn’t the main crux of what this article is about. 

Twitter user Rakpers (@rakpersv1) asked if Google Stadia will be getting the 120fps updates as well. Their reply was revealing. I’ll let you read below.

So, according to FDG Ent. they have achieved greater than 60fps on Stadia’s current tech, so updating to 120fps is not even a big deal. This leads to speculation about the much fabled Stadia 2.0. Let’s think about this for a second. Stadia in its current status is already capable of higher frame rates, and this is coming from an Indie developer. Imagine what a AAA developer is currently doing. 

If you want to see the tweets, you can click here.

This has got me excited for the next gen version of Stadia, especially if the platform gets ray tracing, and other next gen advancements. Let the next gen begin!

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