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GeForce NOW recently sent their active Founders a confirmation email detailing the subscription updates and confirming that active Founders will not have a price hike.

Furthermore, the Founder For Life status will mean no additional price increases. So long as you keep your account active and don’t miss any payments.

Some confusion arose on Twitter where people were discussing the wording of the email. Take a look at the copy of this email for yourself and you’ll see the strange wording depicted below:

Transcript of the original email sent from GeForce NOW team to active Founders

The issue here is the first sentence of the second paragraph:
“If for any reason your paid Founders membership ends, you make a billing modification or there is a termination, the benefit is forfeited and cannot be restarted”.

I reached out to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW for clarification on this. They have confirmed that you can change payment details through your account. Without losing Founder for Life status.

Transcript of GFN confirming the information

At the time of writing this update, users could still sign up at the discounted rate. Althogh I have since been informed the new price is now in place.

If you managed to sign up in time, just make sure you don’t miss a payment! We’ve been warned.

You can sign up for GeForce NOW here.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying that. I thought it was weird that it made it sound like if you change your card details or something it would lose the benefit.

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