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GFN Thursday has come around again! Amongst Pro game announcements and search bars, the other green team is back with their weekly update. In terms of games, it’s a slightly quieter week for the platform, but that isn’t a bad thing. The focus of this week’s GeForce Now news is more to do with features of the service.

Testing for Preloading Has Begun

Launch times is definitely something GeForce Now is falling behind on in comparison to other platforms. That however, is soon to change. As of now, GFN has been testing out preloading for Founders and Priority members. Parts of the game are loaded before you click play, with Nvidia saying it can cut up to a minute off of launch time. Pretty neat!

Alongside that, one of the most requested features is also being tested; account linking! This means it cuts out having to log in before you start a game, also reducing the loading time. Currently only Fortnite supports preloading and account linking, however Nvidia are expanding this to more titles “in the future”.

Other Improvements

Stadia isn’t the only platform with news on their search features. GeForce Now is working on improving search results within the app, making management of all your different libraries a lot easier.

We’re also improving search results in the app to make managing libraries easier and get members in  games faster. Searching for games to add to libraries will now return full page search results, providing  easier access to the game’s details and a quicker way to add it to your library. 

As well as this, there is a new in-game overlay for Chrome browser users. This overlay allows users to change in-stream features and settings, such as FreeStyle filters, network labels, microphone toggling and ending game sessions. To do this, it’s CTRL + G on Windows/Chromebook or CMD + G for MacOS.

New Games

Now the new features and improvements, we can discuss the games. Whilst a slightly smaller helping than the previous week’s, it’s by no means a bad list. Topping that list is another day-and-date release in the form of R-Type Final 2.

The beloved side-scroller franchise is returning, and it looks better than ever. Customise your loadout, compete for the top spot on the leaderboard, and experience a classic reborn.

For the first time in nearly two decades, you can experience R-Type Final 2, now on PC! Feel the rush of mowing down hordes of Bydo with your fleet of R-Type fighters equipped with an arsenal of new and classic wave cannons, force units, bit devices, and devastating delta weapons. The Bydo threat is always evolving, as new enemies spawn from the wreckage of fallen foes, and stages are corrupted and altered by the sentient Bydo corruption. R-Type Final 2 unites the explosive action of the original games with modernized visuals and gameplay features, making this a must-have title for new and old shoot-’em-up fans alike.

R-Type Final 2 is available from 30th April on Steam.

Here’s the full list of titles arriving on the platform:

We also got an update from developers Deep Silver, with confirmation that the upcoming updates for Iron Harvest and the release of Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be supported on GeForce Now on release. The Enhanced Edition comes with a load of graphical improvements, such as additional Ray Tracing features and DLSS 2.0, which will work on GeForce Now.

You can read more on Deep Silver’s conversation with GeForce Now here.

There we are! Another week of updates and games ready for you to get your hands on. As always, wherever you game, game on.

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