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F1 2020 just got a new patch for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and it will also be coming soon to Stadia.

The patch includes:

Keep Fighting Foundation DLC Available

Fixes crash when accessing mail from changes in your league

Fixes crash that could be seen when watching a multiplayer race

Split screen resolution increased

In split screen, player 2 will no longer change the race strategy for player 1 when editing their own

Player will no longer be offered an incorrect 0 stop strategy during a race with a pit stop

Jeff will now give correct Championship Standings info during a race

Break boards are now present at turn 12 in Brazil

F1 cars uses your chosen number in multiplayer

Career modes will now progress correctly when simulating races with Formula Lap turned on

In unranked other players will no longer see be seen to be given points after failing a race

Purple fastest lap times are now easier to read on the race results

Improvements to the item preview images so they are higher resolution

Glove textures have been improved under certain conditions where they were previously appearing lower resolution

Players will no longer be penalized for overtaking the safety car in a pit lane entrance or exit

Players can no longer overtake the safety car once it is ready to return to the pit lane

F2 sprint race grid will always correctly reflect the result from the featured race

Updated a number of F2 race records

F2 races in Vietnam are now the correct number of laps

If the player is eliminated in qualifying 1 parc ferme rules will now correctly apply

After a formation lap time gaps will now be shown correctly

Addressed an issue where all participants of a weekly event would not be rewarded points

Nationality flag is now correctly displayed on Mercedes race suits

And other various stability and bug fixes

You can check the patch notes here 

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