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I know, I had to do a double-take myself. ESO recently had recently upgraded rendered graphics to Native 1440p (scaled to 4k) as of May 2020. At the time, it was a welcome upgrade and on my 4k TV, looked amazing.

This new update (PC Patch Notes v6.1.5 – Stonethorn & Update 27) is jam-packed with updates. It’s refreshing to see Stadia get some love.

Here are the Stadia-specific upgrades to ESO:

Enabled the High Dynamic Range (HDR) setting for Stadia! This can be enabled or disabled from the Stadia app settings. Click here for exact instructions.

Native 4K resolution is now available.

First time players on Chromecast will need to first create a new ESO account or link an existing ESO account here.

Updated the Controls Menu to use icons for gamepad bindings.

Fixed an issue that prevented you from changing gamepad keybinds from the controls menu while automatic input switching was enabled.

Updated some error and disclaimer text.

Fixed an issue where you could be kicked to the login screen and unable to log in after joining a group.

Updated an error message to include Stadia when attempting to log into ESO with a platform-specific account from outside that platform.

The game will now swap to Keyboard Mode if a keyboard input is received while in Gamepad Mode.

Fixed an issue where you were unable to mount or open your map if using the PS4 DualShock Touchpad.

Fixed several issues where some game settings failed to save.

Fixed an issue where you could not be invited to a group unless both players were friends in-game.

Fixed an issue where players invited to a group who were already in a group did not receive any error message. Inviting players will now also receive an error message.


You can find the full release notes on the Elder Scrolls Online Forum, but here’s the summary:


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