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Bethesda has teamed up with Twitch Prime in order for you to get some Doom Eternal Skins, called the DOOMicorn Slayer Skin, and they are available for Stadia players as well! Starting when the game launches on March 20th you will be able to pick various skins for Doom Eternal until April 21st. You will need to link your Bethesda account to your Twitch account in order to get these drops.

The DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection includes:

  • DOOMicorn Slayer Skin
  • Purple Pony Skin Variant
  • Night-Mare Skin Variant
  • For Those who Dare to Dream Maxed out Podium
  • Clip Clop Stance Animation
  • Haymaker Intro Animation
  • Horsing Around Intro Animation
  • Love Conquers All Player Icon
  • Super Sparkle Slayer Nameplate and title

The trailer is below.

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