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Brand New Service for people in Germany –

Customers who order the service by 31 October 2020 can use it free of charge for three months. After that, it costs €6.95 a month.

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The future of gaming is in the cloud. Deutsche Telekom is offering a “Netflix for Games” – customers can stream games with one click directly from the cloud. All they need is a stable internet connection for optimal gaming performance. Expensive hardware for playing graphically demanding games is a thing of the past. Customers can choose from a variety of games and stream them from Deutsche Telekom’s high-performing cloud servers directly onto their screens – in the best network and with Deutsche Telekom technology. It works at home on the laptop or SmartTV just as well as on the go with the mobile phone, tablet, or laptop via 5G/4G. No updates, no loading screens, only pure gaming pleasure. The platform already includes more than 150 games from different genres, such as strategy, adventure, family, sports, etc. – with more to come.


Customers can play brand new games, all-time classics and well curated portfolio of casual and family games without buying expensive gaming PCs or consoles
More than 150 games are in the Magenta Gaming library
Windows, MacOS, and Android apps are already available – iOS is on the roadmap
No game updates appear when start playing – everything happens in the background in the cloud
Magenta Gaming offers the best streaming quality in the award-winning Deutsche Telekom network
Deutsche Telekom takes youth protection and data privacy very seriously

Deutsche Telekom has long acknowledged the potential of the gaming market. It is invested in different activities, from sponsoring an e-sports team to offering its own cloud gaming solution. Keeping up with the evolving technology in the gaming market means gamers need to constantly update their console or PC – and that is expensive. This is all in the past with cloud gaming. Now, the high-performance PCs are in the Deutsche Telekom datacenters, and customers can stream the games directly to their device. They can also make use of the quality of high bandwidth and low latency connections of Deutsche Telekom.

To provide customers with the best possible experience, Deutsche Telekom is running a closed beta test of its “Magenta Gaming” cloud gaming solution. The closed beta is for free and open for Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany with a minimum bandwith of 50Mbit/s.

At the moment, the game portfolio ranges from Triple AAA titles to casual or multiplayer titles in categories such as action, adventure, role playing games, racing, simulation, sports, strategy and so on. Titles with age restriction are protected by an age verification process to ensure a safe home entertainment solution. Deutsche Telekom plans to launch the commercial product in 2020. Furthermore, it is planned to enhance the functionalities of the platform step-by-step, adding new content and features every few months. The overarching goal is to seamlessly integrate the service in the current ecosystems of Deutsche Telekom to provide a superior user experience.

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