Cloudy with a Chance of Games

If you missed the Crowd Play demo which happened on Saturday night involving good news there is another one happening now with Juganawt and Karim Jovian today at 10 pm UK, 5pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific. Stadia Source has a recap of what happened the last time as the video has now been removed. If you want to play with Juganawt the video is below.

They are streaming Mortal Kombat and if you get chosen to play you can get a copy of Mortal Kombat! This is like queuing up and playing in the arcade in the years gone by.

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By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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