Cloudy with a Chance of Games

It has been confirmed that Unit 2 Games have been bought by Facebook and they have plans to integrate Crayta into their cloud gaming platform. Why the terminology isn’t 100% clear in the blog post it does seem at the very least that Crayta toolset is being integrated into their cloud platform. The quote is below

Crayta has maximized current cloud-streaming technology to make game creation more accessible and easy to use. We plan to integrate Crayta’s creation toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform to instantly deliver new experiences on Facebook.

Some other snippets include talking about making games a single click away just like Stadia and Luna offer at this moment in time. The press release also states that they will be investing in Unit 2 to bring their tech out to more people. Crayta was a timed exclusive on Stadia and just recently was added to the Epic Games Store. With Unit 2 being bought to be used by another cloud gaming platform and to introduce similar features as used by Stadia eyebrows will be raised.

By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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