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Cloudys week on YouTube brings you everything from NEWS, to GAMEPLAY, community PLAYALONGS and our Top Tips for everything Cloud Gaming.

[25th April] Getting sus with YOU! Cloudy Team Playalong Among Us

Sammy hosts Among Us alongside the cloudy team and the community.

[26th April] How to get an easy 1000 Gamerscore in 15-25 minutes

Barry shows us how to rack up those Gamerscores in less than 25 minutes

[27th April] Cloudy Tuesday Plays: Rocket League

Barry, Duncan & Sammy take a stab at Rocket Leauge in the Tuesday play along –

[28th April] Far Cry 5 Episode 9 (GamePlay)

Watch Happy Cloud Gamer for Part 9 of his Far Cry 5 gameplay on Stadia.

[29th April] First look at Second Extinction

Happy Cloud Gamer takes his first look at Second Extinction.

[29th April] Geforce Now Thursday (60 Second Round Up)

Duncan gives us a 60 second round up of the GFN news this week

[29th April] GFN Thursday

Duncan and Barry give us an in-depth look at this weeks GFN News this week.

[29th April] The Green Room

Kelly, Barry, Duncan & Happy Cloud Gamer host this weeks green room bringing you everything xCloud

[30th April] Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Reaction!

Happy Cloud Gamer reacts to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Reaction!

[30th April] Cloudy’s Roundup

Watch Duncan, Sammy & Barry as they wrap up this weeks cloud gaming news.

[1st May] Detroit: Become Human with SammyInTheCloud! PSNow (Part 5)

Watch Sammy for Part 5 of his Detroit: Becoming Human gameplay on PSNow.

[2nd May] Resident Evil 8 Village – Full Village Demo Gameplay Stadia

Happy Cloud Gamer give you his first hand experience of Resident Evil: Village Demo on Stadia.

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