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When I first joined Stadia, the one thing that struck me right from the first experience was that it was different to any other gaming community. It was welcoming, collaborative, friendly, helpful and most of all fun. There was an overwhelming sense of it being one big gaming family.

At Cloudy, we want to shine a light wherever possible on the groups that really provide something to Stadia gamers.

In this community spotlight, we are focusing on the Stadian Racing Community.

The SRC provides an extremely fun yet competitive environment for Stadian’s who enjoy racing titles.

Initially starting with GRID, then moving on to include The Crew 2 and F1 2020, as they became available on Stadia, it spans members from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, who all come together across multiple events.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the racing events that run regularly within the SRC;

Continental Series
GT1 Championship
Endurance Championship
Destruction Mayhem
Crash day Sessions
Weekly Time Trial

The Crew 2:
PVP Live Battles

F1 2020:
F1 Championship
F2 Daily Race League
Weekly Time Trial

Each of the members follow the rules of the race events to ensure it’s fair and fun for everyone to take part.

The SRC does look to its members to ensure that clean racing takes place. Good, fair, wheel to wheel racing is expected. The balance to that is, everyone accepts that mistakes happen, A swift apology for any mistakes and everyone moves on with complete respect.

Aside of the scheduled events, it’s easy to find a multiplayer session as there are always people online playing their preferred racing title, ready for you to join in and get valuable practice time, whilst having some fun.

We caught up with the SRC’s owner and Discord admin, Nonbeliever to gain some valuable insight about the community.

Q. What was your inspiration for starting the SRC?

A. Besides my personal purposes, I wanted to prove a misinformed fan boy culture wrong and show that Stadia runs technically well enough to be able to compete with most guys on all other platforms and I think we’ve done that.

Q. What does the SRC represent to you?

A. It represents a clean, fun and competitive online multiplayer experience for me. Plus, it’s a great mature community.

Q. What vision do you have for the SRC?

A. For now it’s all about keeping the online multiplayer activity high as this is what Stadia urgently needs. We are happy to do the little things we can to help. In the long run I want the SRC to develop further and become one of the best places for online multiplayer and event organising on Stadia.

Now whilst the SRC primarily focuses on racing, there are a number of other channels setup within the Discord to focus on other multiplayer titles such as, SuperBomberman R Online and Gunsport.

Following on from NonBeliever’s vision for the SRC, there are some exciting changes that are taking place.

Nonbeliever wanted to open up the community for some selected non-racing games and run events, challenges and tournaments for them. This will be located within the Discord server under SRC ProFun Events.

One of the other up and coming changes that members will see happening is giveaways for event winners and participants. This won’t be for every event that takes place within the community, however there will be notification to members if events will have giveaway prizes as a part of them.

So, as you can see there is lots going on over at the SRC. Alongside that for those that are existing members and also those interested in joining, there is a new link for the SRC Discord following some server restructuring taking place. (New Discord Link Available at The Bottom of Article)

From my personal experience with the SRC, it really exemplifies the friendly, competitive environment that it strives to create and that of the wider Stadia community.

There’s a lot of work that goes into the SRC keeping it fresh. The admin and mods are extremely open to receiving requests and feedback to ensure that it continues to improve. None of that ever goes unnoticed by it’s members.

I’ve had endless hours of fun so far and I know that it will only continue to move forward in the same vein. It truly is Stadia’s home for racing.

Do you have what it takes to take the grid by storm and stand on the top step of the podium?

Join the SRC Discord and discover the fun you could be having!

By Barry Jackson

My first gaming experience was on a ZX spectrum, from there I've gone through every Nintendo system, Playstation , Xbox up until the last generation of the consoles and of course PC. I finally seen the light earlier in 2020 and made the move to Cloud Gaming and quite genuinely it was the best thing I've ever done. The future of gaming is here and with my deep passion for gaming I can't wait to experience where it's going.

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