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Death Carnival is an upcoming Stadia Makers game developed by Furyion Games. I recently got in contact with one of the developers behind Death Carnival and I asked him some questions about the upcoming game. Here is what they had to say:

What is the plot of Death Carnival?

In a future world, broken by war, humanity survives in a few overcrowded cities. To escape their bleak reality, many turn to the televised blood sport, Death Carnival. In this deadly game show, contestants must battle against each other, hordes of monsters and machines for fame and fortune on live TV.  

Is Death Carnival a single player game, a multi-player game, or both?

Death Carnival has singleplayer, online coop, and online pvp game modes.

How is it working with Google on Death Carnival?

Google is great to work with, one of the best levels of support from a company. They constantly work with us to make sure we have what we need to make the best possible game on the Stadia platform.

How will the gameplay mechanics Of Death Carnival work?

The game mechanics is pretty straight forward as a player, you shoot stuff and try to survive. You can use Dash, which makes the player invulnerable for a brief moment, and also causes damage to whatever the player touches.  There’s a primary attack weapon, secondary attack, and ultimate attack. Each playable character have their own  unique set of weapons, plus the weapon socket system, which allows players to greatly customize the weapons into their ideal play style.

When do you expect Death Carnival to arrive on Google Stadia?

We are aiming for Q1/Q2 of 2021 for Stadia.

6. What inspired you to make Death Carnival?

We wanted to make a game that had a very strong emotional impact, wrapped in controls that are really easy for players of all genres to be able to just pick up and play. We didn’t want to make a light easy game, but we also didn’t want to make an intense and crazy difficult inaccessible game. We wanted the best of both worlds, and I think we’ve managed to achieve that.

Thank You Furyion Games for the amazing interview and as always, if you want more amazing cloud gaming news and even interviews, make sure you watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Games.

Here is a video if you want to see what it looks like.

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