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Hello Everyone, CloudGamer201 Here, And I Am Back For My 2nd Interview. This Time With The Developers Of The Upcoming Stadia Game Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator.

1. What is Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator’s gameplay like?

Hundred Days is a time management type of game where you have to handle all the appropriate resources in order to build the best winery ever.
The main idea is that cards will represent an activity/task and the board at the center of the screen is your day time, as a player your goal is to put on the board all the different cards in order to maximize the winery productivity. Player will receive cards based on past actions but also accordingly to nature process. Each turn will represent a day in your new life: once your business is up and running, attention to details will be key to succeeding in your endeavours. In fact, as opposed to classical tycoon games, in Hundred Days you’ll make progress by constantly improving every aspect of your venture, honing your skills to perfection and meticulously planning the required activities: rather than mechanising the production, care and craftsmanship will be your guiding pillars. This is a winemaking simulator that will make you aware of the struggles endured by real-life winemakers, while rewarding you with the pleasures and secrets of a millenary tradition. 

2. What inspired you To make Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator

Broken Arms Games, as a studio, is based in the Italian region of Piedmont which is renowned for the production of world-famous wines such as Chardonnay, Nebbiolo and Barbera, just to name a few. The entire team is deeply connected with the cultural heritage of Piedmont (a winemaking region) and this makes the experience depicted in the game a truly realistic simulation.
In 1990 Yves Hohler, lead designer and co-founder of Broken Arms Games, moved with his family from Switzerland to Italy to pursue the path of winemaking. Even if at the time he was only a child, this decision has shaped his existence ever since: he attended and graduated from the Oenological High School Umberto I (in Alba, Italy) to become an expert in the field. At the moment, besides being a professional in the video game industry, he is still continuing the winemaking family business. Hundred Days takes pride in offering the player a thorough experience: real data provided from local winemaking businesses have been used and implemented in the game, while even the in-game tools and machinery are modelled after the real ones.

3. How is it working With Google Bringing Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator to Stadia?

Working with Google Stadia team has been incredibly smooth, they loved the concept of the game and we totally felt that Stadia is the right platform for the game as well. We love the Cloud Gaming trend and we love how accessible it is even for non-player. 

4. After Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator releases, will you guys be updating the game with more content?

We already have a plan for different DLCs that will cover different regions around the world, for example Bordeaux area in France, Napa Valley, Australia, South Africa, Tuscany in Italy … the release roadmap is not yet available unfortunately as it will largely depend on game sales, but our ide has always been to cover a lot of regions. Every DLC will add new terroir as well as new grape variety, the player will have to deal with a new visual environment as well as changing the strategy and understand new winemaking processes.

Thank you Broken Arms Games for the amazing interview. Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator releases on Google Stadia May 13th. If you want more interviews and updates on everything cloud gaming, visit Cloudy with a Chance of Games Today.

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