Cloudy with a Chance of Games

For months I have tried to get Google Stadia to work on this phone with no success, when I try it loads for a bit then crashes so I had no hope of any cloud service working or so I thought until now……

So I decided what the hell for £1 I will sign up to Xbox Game Pass ultimate and download the Xbox Game Pass Bata App now i had no idea it would work on the cheapest phone on the market how wrong was I, Now yes takes a while to load and was a bit choppy but once you are in the game you don’t notice i tried a few different games to see what happens and bam works great using a Xbox Controller too.

This has surprised me I cannot believe it worked I think I’m going to enjoy my month for £1 and see where I go I just wish I could play Stadia on the Nokia too and I’ll keep trying but for now Mobile wise for me Xbox has got it, I will continue with Stadia on my tv for now.

Stay tuned I’ll keep posting on twitter my experience but for now this is really good.


Wolock #LLAP

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