Cloudy with a Chance of Games

In my last article, I mentioned that I am hopeful that Capcom would eventually bring their games over to Google Stadia. I want to expand on that, if you don’t mind. I have talked about this topic in my video on my YouTube Channel, and it is something that has perplexed me since I first learned about Stadia, and how it could work for me. So, please read on and go on this journey with me,

When Stadia was first announced, it was done so with the promise of gaming via the cloud, and untethering you from the TV, by allowing you to use any screen you already own. The beginning of that was not as widely realized as Google probably would’ve liked, but in its current state, it is slowly fulfilling that promise. It also promised that you’ll not have to worry about storage space, queues, and high fidelity gaming whether on your TV, or your PC, or mobile. Those were amazing propositions, and for my use case, it was a huge selling point. It sold me as I was looking for a gaming solution that would allow me to not take up a lot of space in my apartment. All my media was going digital, as physical media was just too cumbersome to keep dragging around as I moved a lot. So, paring down everything made moving a lot easier. Less things to carry. As I settled down, I still had that mentality. Digital works for me. Music, movies, television in my house are all streamed. I don’t remember the last time I used my blu-ray player. As of this moment, I am currently using my digital movie app to convert my physical DVDs into digital copies. I even stream my cable. No cable box needed. So when I heard of Stadia, it made so much sense for me, and my use case. It still does, and I am very happy with it.

While that was a big selling point for me, one of the main things that sold me was the image of Phil Harrison standing in front of a white screen with a great number of publishers and game titles in the background. I saw EA, Bethesda, 2K Games, WB Games, Sega, SNK, Bandai/Namco, SquareEnix, and Capcom. Majority of these publishers have either released games on the platform, or have announced games for it. There are a plethora of major, legacy, and independent publishers that have games available to purchase and claim right now. More games are being announced, and Stadia has even made it easier for indie developers to self-publish games directly to the Stadia Store. Big AA titles are also coming to the platform, as I mentioned in my last article. Despite all of that, one major legacy publisher is curiously absent. That publisher is Capcom. To this day, They have yet to publish a game on Stadia. This is confusing since they were listed as a publisher in that famous Phil Harrison image. Consequently, the updated image from the April Connect shows that screen without Capcom anywhere to be seen. Yet, if you go to Stadia’s YouTube page, Capcom is still listed as a publisher on the Channels page.

I love playing Capcom games. I have been doing so since my teenage years playing in the arcades (remember those?). Games like 1942, Ghouls -n- Ghosts, Street Fighter II, etc. all ate a lot of quarters from me. My SNES, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and XBOX, 360, One all saw many play hours of Capcom games. Capcom is part of my gaming DNA. So, when I saw they were on board with Stadia, I was sold, and excited to see which games would be available to play. Would it be Street Fighter? Resident Evil? Older games like Power Stone? Monster Hunter? Anything? So far? Nothing. As a lifelong Capcom gamer, this is disappointing to say the least. Capcom games have a huge audience, and the Stadia user base would love to play those games here.  Especially RE8, Street Fighter, Mega Man, etc. While everyone is clamoring over Fortnite, and Fall Guys to come to Stadia, I’m looking at a publisher that is already on board. Fortnite is likely never coming, and that is fine with me. Especially after Apple revealed in court that Tim Sweeney wanted a side deal for Fortnite. That is the type of shady business I hope stays far away from this platform. Games take time to port over, so a game like Fall Guys-which is currently the top streamed game on Twitch right now-would still take months before there’s even a possibility of it coming here, but Capcom has been here from day one, so there’s no excuse as to why they have yet to release a game on Stadia.

I do hope that this changes soon. I have tweeted them personally asking them to bring their games over. Capcom does have a lot of multi-platform games that can be brought over that people will support. I would love to play Power Stone, Street Fighter Alpha, any games from the Vs. series, Rival Schools, Mega Man X, and so many more. Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, I could go on and on, but you get the point. The question is now: What’s the holdup? Is it exclusivity? I understand there may be deals in place for current games; but what about the legacy games? People still play them, and I’m sure they’d love to play them in 4K, and on the go. Capcom, you have to make this happen. Why be on board with the platform if you’re not going to bring any games? Why get people excited only to let them down?

This is an issue that needs to be addressed and clarified. I hope they can get it together.

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